Confrontation is one of the most important skills in life and leadership. Being assertive and communicating directly with candor & clarity are all essential.

The art is in the delivery.

“This was a transformative experience for me. I walked away with so much clarity around communication and now have the ability to ask for what I want...and deserve, no matter what! Danielle is a truth-talker, and truly helped me see through my own crap and change my personal narrative. The money spent was a lifelong investment - these tools will never expire - I will have and use them forever as I navigate every relationship in my life. So grateful!”

- Elaine, Publicity Consultant

“Over the course of our work together, Danielle opened up a powerful dialogue that resulted in growth and change in my life. Her process is dynamic and she has a unique gift forfostering positive transformation. I’m thankful for the work we’ve done together, and I’d highly recommend working with Danielle!”

- Michael, VP Marketing

“I found Danielle to be incredibly intuitive and straightforward, yet caring. I'd highly recommend Danielle if you’re interested in shifting your way of thinking, changing your perception, and working to get unstuck. I am very grateful for what I learned about myself.”

- Brieanna, Chief of Staff

“Danielle is extremely smart and tough, exactly the combo I needed. She has also ironically taught me a great deal about maybe not being so tough and not thinking all the time that I know the score (or that anyone else does for that matter)! She’s got a great sense of humor and an incredibly giving spirit. I cannot say enough good things!”

- Whitney, Global Emerging Markets Equities

“I found Danielle to be incredibly intuitive, knowledgeable, and she knew just when to push me in order to help me come to a new understanding on a wide range of issues - whether professional, personal, or where the two intersect. She helped me to achieve a different perspective and snapped me out of repetitive thought patterns that were counterproductive.”

- Greg, VP Acquisitions

“Danielle truly listens to her clients and relates with personal experiences without turning the conversation around and making it about her. She is frank and direct in a way that allows you to see yourself...she does it with style”

-Dana, Account Executive

“Danielle really changed my perspective on life. She’s a candid woman who offers excellent insight into both personal and professional arenas. I believe this woman can help anyone because she has a level of wisdom that is only achievable by someone with such a robust background.”

-Natalie, Customer Success Manager

“Working with Danielle was an incredible experience and I highly recommend her. From our first conversation, I knew she was the right person to help me work through the challenges I was facing. Danielle was insightful & honest and helped me identify what was holding me back and helped me develop game plans to help overcome the challenges.”

- Ann, Director, Product Management

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